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Leeds decorator: we specialise in painting and decorating in Leeds and surrounding areas

If you are looking for a Leeds decorator for your home, then look no further. We have many customers that needed a competitive and professional Leeds Decorator to help them paint, wallpaper or decorate their homes. We provide a high quality service at very competitive prices.

Our Leeds customers highly recommend our work. We have also completed many commercial painting projects throughout the region such as Leeds School Decoration, Leeds Business Decoration, Leeds Retail and Shop Decoration, Leeds NHS and Hospital decoration.

We specialise in painting and decorating, wall coverings, painting of walls, woodwork, plaster and special features, floors, external and internal woodwork, including window frames, doors, door frames, garage doors, cladding, soffits etc.

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Domestic and Commercial Decorators

Established in 1972, N Bailey Decorators is a business that has come through two generations. Started by a father and taken over by his son, we incorporate strong family values into our running of the business.

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